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Self-Actualization or Fulfilling Your Destiny

       These concepts, self-actualization and finding and fulfilling our destiny, are not out of necessity juxtaposed, but for the purpose of illustrating the point of this writing, they are.   We all desire 'to be' and many of us desire to be all that we can be.   There are two paths to greatness, both potential…


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Seeing the Foundations of the Kingdom

In extending the Kingdom...

    What is the Mission?    

    How do we fulfill the mission?

    What skills do we need?

    How do we join together to build?


How do we overcome the current problems...

    The body of Christ is divided...  Is the Lord coming…


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To Tell the Truth...


We live in an odd era. 

Post Modern philosophy tells us that the realities that we talk about are not founded in truth, but depend on the view of the people discussing them.   On this and similar philosophy grows a relativistic worldview where most anything is, OK as long as we agree to it.  It is…


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Church is not in the New Testament - Reflections of the Ecclesia

1. Running the Human Race or Running on the Rodent Wheel?

Maybe you have never heard this, but I have.

People say, “Is this all there is to the Kingdom – going to church, being good. If I have an opportunity, sharing my faith…” Of course, we know there are the ‘special ones’ - those that have ‘callings’ and ‘ministries,’ then there is the rest of us. We work, maybe at home, maybe in an office, factory, shop or store. We have families,…


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In search of common unity... community.

We are prone to ‘religion’. We need to face it. Religion can quickly morph into meaningless and repetitive rituals – devoid of a genuine encounter with God and our brothers and sisters. Consider communion, reliving the death of Christ and celebrating the life we have in him. There was one body, one loaf broken so that we can all participate. The Lord’s Supper is not just about celebrating what was in the past, it is also about recognizing what is here… Continue

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Blooming and failing love. To answer our heart cry…

I am one of those people who seem to have a lot of experiences in life. The really good ones have been incredible. The less than good ones have been incredibly bad.

In the early years of being a Christian, I had some ‘friend’ challenges. Actually, at one point I took stock of those whom I loved and trusted. I felt that most of my close friends, in some way – many in significant ways, had betrayed me. I was in crisis. I was angry and… Continue

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If we do not UNITE - will we SURVIVE?

My time these days is spent with a team of national and international leaders. We have a plan. We are sick of the downward spiral that is taking place in our nation and it is time for action. We have agreed that we believe the ROOT problem is that Christians have lost their ability to impact the nation.

Don't let anyone kid you - we were founded as a CHRISTIAN nation.

Did you know that in 1892 the United States Supreme Court made… Continue

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The Restoration of All Things - A Simple Start

Ok, I could have called this post: Kingdom Transformational Model for Communities. But, who would have read it? Got ya!

So, this the goal: To see the Restoration of All Things. We need a simple and effective start.

My friend Bill has boiled things down to an essence. He said, and I fully agree, that we live in three dimensions:




But, sadly, these dimensions barely touch. At some… Continue

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They devoted themselves to...

The early Christians devoted themselves to

Apostle's teaching

Breaking of Bread



Ok... they went to church, heard great sermons and had a pot luck dinner afterward. Right?

Maybe. Maybe they did more than that!

Apostles's teaching.

Way back then, the apostles were there among the people and they taught the people. Great. And, we have many of their words… Continue

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The Nehemiah Manifesto

Nehemiah heard about the state of the beloved city - the walls were broken down and the gates destroyed by fire.

Do we see our current state of affairs? The walls are crumbling and fire is devouring our gates. Darkness is beginning to cover our land, our cities, our communities and our nation. Thick darkness.

We ought to be completely reconciled to God through the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We ought to be ambassadors of… Continue

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5 x 7 Model. Is the local church the core unit of the body of Christ?

Having accurate mental 'models' is crucial to good functionality.

There was a time when my company sold lots of computers. Technical support for those computers was sometimes very interesting. I remember a day when a lady called to say she wanted a new coffee cup holder. "Can you explain what you mean?" the technical support person asked. "Well, you know," the lady said, "when you push the one button a coffee cup holder slides out... Well,… Continue

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We are seeing the change: from the Church Era to the Kingdom Era. God doesn't look at the past as a guide post for the future. He sees and creates the future..

When we want to understand how God does things, we look at the past. And, we can learn many things about His power and character. We can see what he did in history and the lives of people.

One thing we can't do by looking at the past is know what God intends to do in the future. He designs the future to be what he wants it to be... He is lining up all things for His return. He will return for a church without spot or wrinkle. Though,… Continue

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Christian Nation within our Nation objection... "The national problems are not religious in nature." And I said...


Would you exclude me from this movement for not being a Christian. I am a military retiree and a patriot, who is disgusted with the direction of my country. We probably share many of the same morals and values. However, I am not a Christian and therefore would like to know if I would be excluded. This struggle is about America, constitutionality, values, and patriotism, it is not a religious struggle. We need to bring every like minded… Continue

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Keeping the fruit of Evangelism

So, I was working on finding the path to get from here to the future God wants for me...

Jerry, Jerry Hartman, is here for a couple days. We are discussing visitor retention. His visitor retention program is working unbelievably well! I am amazed at how well!!! Good for those churches that are part of the program.

Now we talk about advancing the Kingdom across the region. In the plan is to send out evanglists. They will… Continue

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The Decline and Fall of a Nation

All Nations go through 5 progressive cycles

Freedom and Birth





The cycle repeats.

Now lets look a little closer at these cycles and our country.

Freedom and Birth.

It is no mystery that the birth of our country was heralded with promise. The revisionists may tell a different story, but many Christians saw this as the opportunity to form a nation… Continue

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