5 x 7 Model. Is the local church the core unit of the body of Christ?

Having accurate mental 'models' is crucial to good functionality.

There was a time when my company sold lots of computers. Technical support for those computers was sometimes very interesting. I remember a day when a lady called to say she wanted a new coffee cup holder. "Can you explain what you mean?" the technical support person asked. "Well, you know," the lady said, "when you push the one button a coffee cup holder slides out... Well, mine broke off. I need a new one." The lady had a mental picture of what that 'slidy thing' was for. And it worked. For a while. Of course, it didn't work as well as it was designed to work when you put a CD into it. :-)

Similarly, I'm not sure about you, but I have always heard that the 'core unit' of the body of Christ is the local church.

But, is that accurate? How does this view impact our functionality as the body of Christ? This powerpoint presentation explores these questions in detail...

See the presentation HERE...

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