Seeing the Foundations of the Kingdom

In extending the Kingdom...

    What is the Mission?    

    How do we fulfill the mission?

    What skills do we need?

    How do we join together to build?


How do we overcome the current problems...

    The body of Christ is divided...  Is the Lord coming back for a bride or for a harem?

    The average believer does not share his/her faith...   

    "If" the average believer leads someone to Christ, they don't know how to 'teach them all things Jesus commanded".  Isn't the great commission the 'thing' we are supposed to fulfil?    

     The average church spends most of its money on its own people and own programs.   Isn't there - somewhere- the concept that the tithe is supposed to be for a storehouse for needs?

     The average Christian is getting divorced at the same rate as the unbeliever.  Isn't the marrige supposed to be a picture of Christ and his bride?

      The average Christian family has rebellious children who engage in drugs and immorality.  

      The average Christian couple is not able to lead their children to Christ - of the youngest generation, only 4% -let me write that FOUR PERCENT- profess to be Bible believing Christians.   Aren't we supposed to be, as Christians - the family of God, yet we aren't even living out Christ within the walls of our own homes?

      The average approach to government promotes godlessness and dishonors godliness.  Politicians are closely scrutinized to see if their faith impacts 'the rest' of their lives.  The assumption that most people make, if it does –this is ‘bad’.

      The average public school polices Christian influence to carefully manage and in many cases ban it and bring in sex education and 'diversity' education that should make our skin crawl.

       Christians divide over race and creed without recognizing the body or go off the rails in the other direction and unite with unbelievers in an effort to promote unity.

       Need I go on?


       Church, this is our fruit - we have NOT raised a godly standard, the world is overtaking the church - not vice versa. 


       I submit that the root problem is this - we do not have an understanding of the Kingdom and our place in it. 

       That needs to change.

       Scripture says we act out of our hearts, thoughts and visions.   If we cannot SEE the Kingdom, we cannot live the Kingdom.  

        The following power point illustrates a key foundation stone of the Kingdom.   It also shows the way to handle the issues above.

        Please review and comment. 

        May God bless you!

        Here is the link to the power point presentation.  The concepts in the 20 pages of the presentation lay the understanding for a new way to look at the Kingdom. 


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Comment by Juanita on October 13, 2012 at 9:54pm

I am quite happy.   This presentation just hit 9000+ views!  

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