In these modern, ‘progressive’ times; we believers simply don’t ‘get it’.   Some are confused thinking we will impose Kingdom rule on the unbeliever.  Others are confused thinking that meeting on Sunday morning for prayer, praise and the ministry of the word is “IT”.    Many are just beginning to pay attention to the word ‘Kingdom’ and think it might be a good idea, but have no idea what it might actually mean.

God’s wisdom should be shown to everyone through his ecclesia. 

Now, the following is REAL COMPLICATED.  So, read carefully.

Do you suppose, if we learn how to use God’s wisdom to govern ourselves, to provide for our families, to create a strong KINGDOM economy, to handle –in RIGHTEOUSNESS – our civil disputes, to properly EDUCATE our children in all facets of citizenship- to be good Kingdom Kids, to read/write and work effectively for a living, to take care of our NEEDY, to take responsibility for the good of our local neighborhoods and communities, etc..   Do you suppose, do you just suppose that if we DID it and DID it well that we would be salt and light to a dying world?

Perhaps we would say, “This is what we do.  Try it. It works.  Oh, and doing things this way is not OUR idea.  It is God’s wisdom.  Imagine –the ecclesia taking responsibility and doing what needs to be done – demonstrating God’s wisdom.  This is Kingdom governance.  It may be ‘novel’ to our ears.  But when Jesus left things to the early believers, they did it.

Is anyone interested in being part of the HEAD or are we content being the TAIL?


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The tail is wagging the dog.  Why Church does't work. #KingdomCryer

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