Imagine – two hundred years ago, we receive a letter from someone asking us for advice on how to set up government for their community.  We jot down a note telling them to build a Court House where people can gather to hear and solve their local civic issues. Off the letter goes. What we didn’t think about is this – the letter was from a village in the heart of the jungle.  It was written by a well meaning missionary.   Would building a nice two story brick building actually put in place the local governance that they needed?  I doubt it.   Governance is more than just a building.  

                Now, run the clock backwards a couple thousand years.  Jesus talked about the ecclesia, his ecclesia.  The early believers ‘got it’ and right away they began building lovely chapels on street corners.  Right?  Well, not really…


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A Court House in the Middle of the Jungle?  Church is NOT in the New Testament! #KingdomCryer

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