French fries are not the whole meal!

We really get it when it comes to fast food.   The Whole Meal Deal has a burger, fries AND a drink.  All for one low price, of course.  However, we don’t expect that to be the way things are with our LIVES.  We live fragmented lives. There is our family life.  We see them a little in the evening and, if we are lucky, a lot on the weekend.  Then there is the church ‘family’.  Family is in quotes because we know that sitting in a pew looking at the bald head in front of us and shaking hands politely on the way out doesn’t make a family.  But, hey?   Maybe in this case, honesty IS NOT the best policy.  <wink, wink>.   Then there is work.   Time for another hat!  Business is, after all, business.  Don’t mix business and family, business and friends, business and politics. 

                Yes!  We understand the rules – keep our opinions on politics out of our church; if we want to keep our friends ONLY discuss the political views we all share.  And, keep religion out of everything – it certainly has no place at work, no place in politics, no place in our schools.  We know the place – if we are really committed, let’s pray a ceremonial prayer over a family dinner.  Nice. Safe.  Compartmentalized.

                Everything has a place and everything in its place.  That IS the American way.

                We’re doing it.  We are good at it.

                But, why do we feel so disconnected?


            For the complete Minibook, Church is NOT in the New Testament:


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