Chapter 11. A good start? Be scandalous. Include women, slaves. Oops, include clergy and laity – establish ecclesia!

How about this… Call out believers in your region to discuss together how to be the ecclesia.  And, do it in a scandalous way.  Include the women.  Include the slaves.  Oops, guess that doesn’t apply.   Well, this might be more difficult – mix up the ‘clergy’ with the ‘laity’.   You may be the last to get the news, but we are ALL called to be Kings and Priests.  We are all called to ministry and service.   Yes, that is right.  All.  Called.  To THE ministry.  Got it?  Good. 

Discuss how to take responsibility for the spiritual city-state that actually exists across your region.  Discuss and then do it.  Simple!

One more thing – honor those who have Kingdom responsibility, Pastors, Sunday School leaders, ministry founders, those who serve in the marketplace, in the factory and in the home. We ARE the body and we all have value; God gives us all a place to serve. 


For the complete Mini Book, Church is NOT in the New Testament:


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Be scandalous.  Include women, slaves.  Oops, include clergy and laity – establish ecclesia! #KingdomCryer

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