Maybe you see it, maybe you don’t.  I see it.  We have a problem.  A big problem.  We’re building local churches; we’re building ministries.  This isn’t bad.  We’re not building the ecclesia; that is bad.  We’re disjointed, divided and not effective.  The enemy has limited power… but he can deceive and divide!  It is time for us to not be children.  The goal is that children grow, become adults and take responsibility.   We, the believers, need to take responsibility for building the Kingdom among us. 

It is time to say “NO” to division.  It is time to grow in our function. It is time to learn how to be the ecclesia.


For the complete Minibook, Church is NOT in the New Testament:


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Measureing the speed of darkness.  Why is church not working?  #KingdomCryer

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