Maybe you have never heard this, but I have.  People say, “Is this all there is to the Kingdom – going to church, being good.  If I have an opportunity, sharing my faith…”  Of course, we know there are the ‘special ones’  - those that have ‘callings’ and ‘ministries,’ then there is the rest of us.  We work, maybe at home, maybe in an office, factory, shop or store.   We have families, t-ball, soccer, never enough time for everything and usually just barely enough money!   We watch American Idol and gather with family for Thanksgiving. 

                Somehow we feel like we are walking on a treadmill, going nowhere fast. We’re frustrated at the way things are going.   We all have ideas on how to ‘fix things’.  But, interestingly – in this land of democracy, government of the people, by the people and for the people – we don’t feel we have a voice.  Of course, maybe everything is really like a big factory. If we just do our bit, everything will get done, pretty much as well as it can.  We hear stories about people who make a difference.  We admire them.  But we are not them.   We hope something changes but we also have those creeping cynical thoughts…


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